Reviving Indian handicraft heritage

Remunerating Indian Handicrafts Heritage

Indian handicrafts and artists were facing downfall in their business due to fast changing world and lack of market support.  After the boom of e-commerce in India they found new hope, artisans have found a platform which is helping them to focus on their work: everything else is being managed by e-commerce portals like

Historical Overview of Indian Handicrafts Ever since the dawn of Indian civilisation, our country has always been under the spotlight on the stage of art and craft. Nation’s prosperous cultural heritage and years of traditional evolution is marked by enormous varieties of art, craft and handicraft. It was the presence of plentiful masterpieces of artistic landmarks manifested by Indian art and craft which invited invaders from distant places of the world. But what the invaders could not take away with themselves was the inherent artistic skill of the native Indians.

Art and craft serves as a reflection of traditional identity of people of a particular region. Down the ages, Indian craft flourished under different empires and was successful to imbibe in itself the specialty and peculiarity of each particular period. Since time immemorial, Indian craft served as an integral part of culture and custom of rural and tribal communities.

Global attraction and Demand of Indian Handicraft This magical art and craft skill which made the world go down before India is been passed from generation to generation and is ever blossoming and ever-prospering.

Time and again Indian craft heritage gets wide critical acclaim across the world due to fine and striking magnum opus delivered by the immense toil by Indian craftsmen, intermingled by their inbuilt skill.

It is because of their collaborative efforts in nurturing their handicraft skills that Indian craft heritage can today aptly boast of its rich diversity and value. You talk about Kashmiri woollen carpets or zari embroidery or ceramic products or terracotta designs, each of them excel in their quality and have rose to stardom owing to their uniqueness.

Platform for Indian Handicraft Lovers and Artisans provides an opportunity for all of its beloved customers to own such ethnic stuffs and authentic Indian handicrafts, each of them crafted by the native workmen of our country. We, at currently possess multitudes of crafted items, each of them dwelling in the glory of Indian craft heritage. We have got artefacts from every sector and zones of craft at your service. From the embroidery section, we retain intricate zari embroidery work, the famous phulkari work of Punjab, Chikan embroidery from the city of nawabs-Lucknow, kutchi embroidery of Gujarat, kantha embroidery of Bengal and much more.

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